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Experience shows that those who have talent only have independence in order to receive the necessary freedom that a creative mind needs.
There are many whose articles I have read on the subject of creative people and see myself at home in this insightful society, which is familiar with the performance differential between free and narrow thinkers.
Realizing potential is a necessity in order to be able to lead a fulfilling life. This is only possible for a free and independent decision-maker and I believe that everyone can see the connections.
Talents should also be available to everyone, which is only possible through independence. Large corporations like to buy in talent and form genius departments with them, they have recognized the potential and are trying to use it. Thanks to freelancers, smaller ones also have the opportunity to access talent, give it a try.



Project work, software development or programming



As a mentor, team leader or more



Scientific work hand in hand with innovation


Direct contact with the technician

I was always able to observe how empathically I understood what customers wanted and I was able to translate that into their technical language. This saves time and complex changes can be avoided, which increases customer satisfaction.

My focus is on the customer and their wishes. It is always a pleasure for me to receive customer requests and to present solutions. Above all, I rely on quality that inspires me and will sweep you away.

Remote maintenance

It is a personal concern of mine to use my time as sensibly, productively and satisfactorily as possible. With the use of remote maintenance and conference tools, this is now advantageously possible from home, which increases satisfaction, motivation and effectiveness.
In the best case scenario, failures can be resolved more quickly, which saves face value. Real meetings will only gain importance and a new value in the social context.


Classic or agile software development, project specifically individual

Whether software development should be classic or agile depends on the task and also on the customer. As individual as the problems are, the planning must also be differentiated in order to meet customer requirements with the greatest possible efficiency. The Manifestoof agile software development has been interpreted very differently, but in principle contains everything that should actually be taken for granted.

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Development costs

Depending on the type of development, there are different costs for the individual steps.

Classically, the price for developing a concept is presented after the first non-binding discussions. This is worked out in cooperation with the customer and results in a specification sheet for implementation. The workload for this is usually 5-10% of the project. For larger projects, milestones are defined and progress is discussed and payments on account are agreed.

Agile, the project result is also explored, but goals are only defined for a few weeks in advance. In principle, repetitive prototyping is implemented. And the costs for each prototype then correspond to the agreed time period. In this way, there are more transparencies for the customer and more security for the development that the customer's wishes are properly met. However, for machines and robots that are put into operation on site after completion, this is only possible as a simulation, if at all.

Machine software

A field of activity that I know is industrial machines. When developing user interfaces (HMI) for various industrial machines, various data are processed in parallel processes. Visual quality checks are carried out and defective products are rejected. Databases are used to log processes, store inspections and keep statistics. The machine's hardware is monitored and problems are reported.

In industry, every defective product has to be rejected. It's more than just quality assurance, after all, it's often about food, and good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a matter of course, even if it is not certified for the individual machine, in the end it must apply to the product.