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Desktop apps

Whether existing software or a new one is required, further development or development needs talent to convince.

In app development, according to statements from the largest Discord groups, the syntax of a language is learned in one working day. So, as is usually the case, it depends on talent and experience remains a minor matter.

Everyone who has learned to drive a car in Hamburg can also drive a car in Berlin, this is also the case with the programming languages.

If you are looking for a talented developer who knows how to impress with results, you have come to the right place.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.


    • Image processing applications for quality control in industry
    • Interactive online services for website operators for customer communication and portal services
    • Applications with the integration of various databases
    • Hardware monitoring libraries


    As an example of sensible hardware monitoring, I mention a problem from image processing that I have often encountered with various manufacturers. In image processing, SSD hard drives may be worn out after a few years if a lot of images are to be saved all the time. If SSDs are used incorrectly, this can make a system unstable. There are many possible solutions to this, of which only a few really work. The effort involved in troubleshooting such systems is often underestimated, and it would be very easy to plan a separate SSD for the system. If this is not possible, however, hardware monitoring of the SSD helps; this is often provided by the manufacturer, but they are rarely compatible with the existing systems. I developed alternatives to this that can be incorporated into other programs.


    Mobile apps

    Mobile apps are now becoming more and more system-independent. There is the possibility of developing native apps, which can be developed very easily and quickly in studios such as Android Studio. In order to also be able to access sensors, however, individual adjustments are required for each system; Flutter enables this to be combined across systems in one program code, for example.

    If no sensors are required for the application, other options become interesting, such as website development, because apps can be easily generated from websites that are configured for mobile devices.

    I am familiar with native and multi-platform app development from the following examples.

    • Website design for mobile devices with various CMS, including Typo3 and Jimdo
    • Flutter programming with databases like SQLite
    • Native multilingual Android app development

    I would be happy to discuss any further software development / repairs / adjustments or new developments with you.

    Operating systems

    If you restrict the runtime environment to one system, you can save some time because less testing is required. Whether Windows, Unix or Mac OS, I am familiar with the most common systems. I have already looked after the following systems.

    • Microsoft Windows Server
    • i.a. as active directory domain controller, IIS, DFS etc.
    • Ubuntu server
    • i.a. as (LAMP) web server, GitLab, Mediawiki, NextCloud, ERPNext etc.

    I am happy to support you with your projects.