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Technical drawing

With construction programs like FreeCAD and Blender I created 2D and 3D drawings, printed out construction data sheets, created images, recorded animations and prepared objects for 3D printing. On you can download the constructions that I put online for free.

  • With this I inexpensively replicated a motor-gearbox plug
  • Fixed a blind
  • Manufactured halogen bulbs sockets and repaired lamps
  • Constructed spare parts for lighters
  • Designed a treasure chest for a 3D board game
  • Drew and printed bay windows for a bird feeder
  • Produced my own cable management system for my 3D printer
  • and more

It is immense what is possible with these studios and a pleasure to work with.

3D model preparation

I have preferred to work with Blender for some time. However, Meshmixer has functions that I find extremely useful. You always have multiple tools to work with and these change from time to time and purpose. What always accompanies my activities is that they are always geared towards one goal.

  • So I modeled various figures and objects for a 3D board game
  • Painted a 3D logo to be printed on objects made by me
  • Recorded animations, with lighting effects and textures, for presentation purposes
  • Photographed some 3D objects, virtually with shadows, for publication
  • Corrected models with different tools so that they become closed and error-free meshes