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Guiding in

For machines or vision sensors, machine operators often need training, in which the basic use is learned and all open questions are clarified. I have given instructions like this on several machines.

  • I instructed several employees on a one-off production with a unique HMI
  • For a small series that had special adaptations from machine to machine, I held repeated briefings
  • I conducted training courses for camera systems from well-known manufacturers

Of course, there was also written material for each machine and training course, which was adapted for the specific purpose.


Documentation is often much too long or in foreign languages, translating it and writing illustrated instructions tailored to the problem is a nice job. It belongs to the task environment in which you explain to employees how something is to be done so that they can work quickly and efficiently. I've already written some instructions.

  • A user manual for a one-off production, including a digital version with cross-references, which can be called up on the system as an aid
  • A user manual for a small series, also with a digital version, is also provided with a functional description for a camera-sensor system that was developed in-house
  • Several illustrated brief instructions for setting up camera sensor systems from well-known manufacturers
  • Programming manuals for various developments, including for coordination with other companies, using flow charts, diagrams, UML models and more

Depending on their size, the digital documentation was provided with appropriate directories, including: Index, of course by means of cross-references.